Natural DIY Cleaners

In our home we recently decided take another step towards being as Organic, Natural, and Ecofriendly as we can. We are trying to do this in all aspects of our lives, with our food, our cleaning and health and beauty. We also just recently implemented a recycling system in our home. The first step we have taken for this week is making all natural cleaners. I’ve made an all purpose cleaner, a fabric refresher, and a glass cleaner. I’ve ve since tried them out and I love them. I was so relieved that they actually work and I am so happy that there are no harsh chemicals that would be bad for Simon, my 3 month old son.

I found these recipes from a number of different sources. YouTube, Pinterest, etc. And then I modified them to fit what ingredients I had and what I found in common between the different recipes.

Ingredient List:

. Dish Soap ( I Use Mrs. Meyers)


. Vodka (Cheap is good)

. White Vinegar

. Water (I prefer the H2O kind haha)

. Essential Oils

. Lavender

. Lemongrass

. Tea Tree


All Purpose Cleaner:

First, take your glass spray bottle and fill it with two parts water and one part vodka.Glass is best if you are using essential oils, and alcohol as a solvent. Plastic doesn’t go well with those ingredients. But I only had one glass bottle today so I reused a plastic Windex one I had saved for one of the other cleaners I made. I will switch to glass for that sometime soon. The alcohol works as both a solvent and a disinfectant.

All Purpose CleanerSecond, add ten drops each of lavender, tea tree, and lemongrass oils. These are great antibacterial oils which also smell very fresh and clean! I’m excited about a cleaner that’s actually HEALTHY to breathe! I’m not affiliated with any essential oil companies so I get my oils from Amazon or TJ Maxx. #NOSHAME.

Third, add three drops of dish soap. Because a little soap goes a long way and can really take care of some tough grime. I’m using Mrs. Meyer’s these days, from The Grove Collaborative.

Fourth, shake it up. Spray it on. Wipe it off. That’s really three steps, but it would look weird to have three steps with only three words each.

*Do not use on wood, the alcohol can severely damage your furniture. I currently use Method’s daily wood cleaner.


Fabric Refresher: Febreeze… JKJK I’m replacing my Febreeze.diy2

. 1 Part water

. 1 Part vodka

. Essential oil. (My container is about three ounces and I used ten drops, but you can proportion it to your container or how strong you want the smell. I like the smell of lavender, you can use your favorite scent.)

Glass Cleaner Recipe:diy3

. 1 Part Water

. 1 Part Vinegar





*Make sure you shake these well before each use!

I’ve been really happy with how they have been working and how pleasant my house smells. I cannot wait to explore some other natural homemade cleaners.

Here is an example of how well the  all purpose cleaner works.


The fabric refresher is great because it actually gets rid of dog ( Sackett) smell!


The glass cleaner is my favorite. It’s so simple and it gets the job done!


Thank you for reading, I hope you can try some of these natural cleaners in your home too!


Halyse G.