My name is Halyse. I’22050226_2467192876839172_7700023621171523692_nm 22 years old and I would like to think of myself as an outdoor enthusiast, and I am blessed to be a full time wife and mother. I married the love of my life in October of 2015. I became a mother to a lovely boy In November of 2017.
I love the outdoors, so living near the Great Smoky Mountains is “GREAT”! I would love to take you along as my family and I balance our adventure bound souls with a minimalist everyday lifestyle. I have a Naturalist Certification from The University of Tennessee via The Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont. I’m a firm believer in using as many plant-based and natural products as I can, but also keep in mind that I am mom on a budget and we have indoor pets, so I’m not afraid to use Lysol when necessary.
This blog is about a little bit of everything, from Nature and hiking to homesteading and cooking. I will have posts about our journery in health, beauty, minimalism, and how to do it all on a budget. I hope you enjoy reading how Nature meets Nuture.
Love always,
Halyse G.